Best Practice for Blogging

There are all types of blogs and different people using blogs. There are corporate blogs that are written by a company for the stakeholders, these blogs are mostly informative for news and announcements about product and/or services that the company provides. There are personal blogs that people use for journaling their experiences or aspirations. These personal blogs are to share with the world and their viewers their experiences.

With that being said, depending on what type of blog you are aiming for, will decide what type of strategy and best practice you should use. First and foremost it is important to pick the right person to write the blog(s), if it is a company blog; the goal is to ultimately get new information and/or product out to the consumers. The person(s) writing this company blog should be familiar with the goals and just what the purpose of the blog is, therefore writing it in a specific manner. You want to be professional and informative but you also want to keep the blog light and creative, encouraging people to keep reading and making sure it is fitting for your market.

If this is a personal blog; the tone and language may sound different because the goal is different. In a personal blog, people are reading the blog because they are interested in hearing what you have to say and interested in learning about your experiences and journey. The language doesn’t have to fit a market or be necessarily professional.

For both company and personal blogs, the amount of blogs you post; frequency is important. A stakeholder and/or viewer is going to go to the blog and look forward to reading a new blog. It is important to keep consistency with the blogs, figuring out what is possible for the blog, is it a weekly blog, every other week blog, or a monthly blog? It all depends on the goals of the blog and the time that the “blogger” (person writing the blog) has.

Lastly, making sure that when there is a comment left on your specific blog, that you recognize the comment and engage with the person. Making sure that responses are going to only real comments and not toward a person that isn’t being genuine toward the blog. Blog readers enjoy being engaged in a conversation around the blog, and this is important and this is where a lot of time is spent, where the blogger will spend a lot of time. It is also important to set expectations for the readers of when responses will take place therefore they aren’t surprised and know when their comments will be responded to.

It is also important to connect other social media platforms with your blog. Using Hootsuite to schedule or post a new blog entry onto your Twitter or Facebook page. This allows for your blog to be seen on many different platforms, and can ultimately be read by people who may not have been interested before. It also allows for your blog to get recognition on social media platforms, a lot of blog readers will recognize specific blogs by commenting of them on their Twitter page.

These are best practices for blogging/tweeting; these steps can truly help a blogger or tweeter in being successful. These tips will help a newer blogger or tweeter in recognizing how to start, and what it should look and sound like. It’s important that once a blog or twitter account is started, it’s important to keep it active and not be inconsistent because that is where readers lose interest and hope.


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Going Social

I think for any company going social it can be a risky endeavor. It is one that can be challenging at first because there is a lot that must go into it. It also depends what the the company’s goal is for their social media platforms as well, are they trying to increase sales with their social media platforms or are they trying to better their relationships with their customers? There is also the question of what social media platforms the company wants to join, there are many; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and etc.

Once a company decides if they want to go social and what social platforms they want to join, it is then important to figure out what they want their activity to be like, and once they decide the amount of activity, it is important to stay consistent for the customers. The company will decide how often they want to post, what types of posts do they want to offer their customers, and ultimately the goal of each post.

Companies have some challenges and risks that they need to overcome once they have found themselves on social media platforms. Making sure that the company has enough people that can focus on the social media platforms. A challenge for a company is the amount of time it takes to manage the social media platforms, therefore making sure you are ready and prepared. Another challenge can be knowing when the best time is to post on Facebook or make a tweet, when are their customers on social media the most? This is important because you want to make sure you are reaching out to the customers at an appropriate time. Making sure you have a plan and goals is another challenge and/or risk, making sure posts and tweets are working toward the same goal. Having engagement from their customers is also another scary thing that companies fear, because it can be upsetting if your not getting a great following.

With all of that said, working in the retail industry, almost every retail company is on some form of social media platform. Each company has a different goal and idea for their social media, but all companies are running into the challenges and/or risks that I had discussed earlier. For the company that I work for, lululemon athletica, we have transformed and adjusted our social media platforms over the years. We have taken feedback from our customers and adjusted accordingly. We do use Facebook in order to increase sales, because we do not do any other type of advertising or marketing. All of our other social media platforms’ goals are to build a better relationship with our customers and to grab their interests.

Since our Facebook page is to increase sales, we have a company Facebook page and then each retail store has their own Facebook page as well. This allows for the company to send out a notification to their customers with new product that will be coming soon or new information regarding the company. The stores then have the ability to post what they have currently, trying to drive foot traffic.

There are definitely risks and challenges in going social, but there are a lot of rewards as well. As generations, we keep getting more and more attached to technology and the social media platforms, therefore it makes sense for businesses to be part of social media. This is a chance for businesses to communicate with their customers almost immediately, getting important information out on the web that directly get sent to their customers.

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7 Social Media Challenges And Business Opportunities For Social Media Managers

lululemon on Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile social media application that is soaring. It is an application where people can take pictures or videos and allow their friends to see it for up to 10 seconds, once the 10 seconds is up, the video and/or picture is gone and cannot be seen again. Snapchat came out in 2012 sometime and it has been on a huge rise since. I was someone who always said that I wouldn’t download the app on my phone, and here I am in 2016 with the app on my phone. 60 million people have downloaded the app on their phone; that’s a crazy amount and of that the range is from 13 years old to 23 years old, with a shocking spike in people in their 30’s and 40’s as well.

With all of that being said, lululemon has a Snapchat account. Their Snapchat account provides a lot of pictures and videos of “behind the scene” stuff. This isn’t a social media application where lululemon is trying to “sell” their products, they are actually getting their consumers’ interest by showing them some of the cool things that they do, for example photo shoots and races they they are going to in order to support their consumers and/or employees of the company. lululemon has recognized the differences between the different social media platforms and applications. Facebook is a place where they can do both true product advertising and marketing as well as fun/interesting things to provide for their consumers. Snapchat is soley a place where they can build a relationship with their consumers. They are allowing their consumers an insight onto what is happening behind the curtain and how things come about.

I know for myself, as an employee for the company, I enjoy watching the Snapchats. It allows me to see how their awesome photo shoots look and sound, I am able to see some of the cool places that the networking people are able to go. They take pictures and videos of supporting different types of races; marathons, triathlons, and other things in between. Its really neat and interesting to see our company doing other things than just selling inventory. I work for this company because we are more than just a retail company, we have a lot of great things that I believe in; community, fun, integrity, entrepreneurship, and the ability to grow as a person. Snapchat is definitely an application that can give consumers the ability to see how lululemon is much more than just a retail company.

I think even though this application isn’t necessarily a “selling” point for the company, they are gaining consumers’ respect and earning relationships. By earning respect and earning relationships, consumers are going to be more apt to buy the product and be more faithful to the company because of the relationship built. This is new for the company, to be on Snapchat and I know many people who do not work for the company, enjoy looking at the snaps from lululemon because they are interesting. I would say that it is definitely a successful avenue for them to keep pursuing.

Advertising through Social Media

Lululemon athletica is an athletic apparel company that is based out of Vancouver. The company was founded in 1998 and there are stores all across the U.S. and other countries as well. We have grown into a very well known brand that consumers love and look to for their athletic clothing. The company is known for not including advertising and marketing in their strategy, they rely all on word of mouth. This also where lululemon brings in social media.

They use social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat in order to communicate with their consumers. lululemon has really adopted social media, it is a spot for the company to showcase their new product or what they are up to for events, and this allows them to actually do it without a cost. The company has realized that their consumers are accustomed to social media, therefore it is a great avenue to take and be able to take advantage of.

lululemon uses Facebook frequently, they post about once per week as a company. They post about new product, new events that they are sponsoring, new ambassadors that are supporting the company. Each retail store also is allowed to have their own Facebook page which again uses this for posting about new product, events and ambassadors as well. They also use Instagram and Snapchat that allows them to do very similar things as they do on Facebook.

The company also sends out a weekly product notification that gets sent to their consumers’ emails that will notify them of new product that will be released in upcoming week. This gets their consumers excited and looking forward to what will be coming out, I believe that this product notification gets them looking on the social media platforms as well, to see what else is new in the community.

On all of their social media platforms, they have very good followings. lululemon average 5,785 likes on each Instagram post. The company’s Facebook page has about 1,538,086 likes which is very good. They have done a great job of trying to capture their consumers on their social media platforms, and they have been able to really withstand their following through knowing what to post and when to post it.

I do think that lululemon will find a time when they are at their max level of followers and possibly their consumers may be ready to move on from social media. There is also the possibility of other companies relying solely on social media platforms and not rely on typical advertisement anymore. If this were to happen, the social media platforms may get flooded and it may not hold as much weight as it once did for lululemon specifically. lululemon may want to start thinking of other options of social media and/or ways of communicating with their consumers. Or possibly how they are going to keep elevating their posts on social media, possibly changing their Facebook and Instagram posts in a way that will be something new and appealing.

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Key Benefits of Social Media For Your Business

Two social media tools that are used by a lot of businesses are; Facebook and Instagram. Both of these social media tools are used in my current business as well and it is very successful. I work for an athletic clothing company called; lululemon and social media is used frequently.

We don’t do ordinary advertising or marketing, therefore we depend a lot on our social media tools. As I stated earlier, Facebook and Instagram are two social media tools that we rely on. Facebook allows our stores to communicate with our guests, and our guests are very accustomed to this. Our overall company has a Facebook page and each individual retail store has a Facebook page. Guests are waiting each week to see what the company is going to put out, mostly waiting for the new product and new patterns that will be coming out. Guests are also looking at the store’s Facebook pages to see if there are events happening or to see if they have specific product in store that they may feature on the page.

A lot of articles are posted on the company’s Facebook page, that is about fitness and health in some fashion. They also provide healthy recipes for the Facebook viewers, which is another aspect that lululemon’s guests really enjoy. The store’s Facebook pages have the ability to post events that they may be hosting, new clothing that has come in, info about stores’ employees, info about where the stores’ employees are working out in the local gyms, and other events going on in the community.

Instagram is also another social media tool that lululemon uses very frequently. The company has an Instagram page, the retail stores do not have their own Instagram page. Their Instagram page is a lot of their ambassador athletes out in the community working out in the product. There are less words and it is more about about the visuals that are provided. Their photographs are very elegant and professional, and overall interesting to look at.

Their Instagram page is inspiring to their guests viewing the page. They are photographing  their ambassadors doing some cool ass stuff that not everyone would be able to do. Instagram is a page where guests can get an idea of what the people of lululemon are up to, Facebook is a page where guests can get an idea of what product will be coming out and new and cool events going on in their community.

Both of these pages are being an active way of advertising and marketing. As I stated earlier, you don’t see ads on television or on signs or anything, they don’t use any money for advertising. Therefore, it is important for them to use thyese social media platforms to not only connect with their guests, but also to be a form of advertising and marketing. Guests have responded really well to the social media pages that lululemon uses and they are accustomed to this as well.

There is also something else that lululemon uses for both communication and a form of advertisement; their Product Notifications that they send to their guests through e-mail. These e-mails are sent out weekly and again provides their new and great product that is being used by amazing people that are inspiring, fit and healthy.

Now you know a little about lululemon and how they use their social media tools. It is a company that depends on social media a little more than other companies due to their advertising and marketing beliefs. It’s really cool to see a company striving off of social media, because this is ultimately what their consumers are used to using and they are already using these social media tools, therefore getting them accustomed wasn’t that challenging.