Key Benefits of Social Media For Your Business

Two social media tools that are used by a lot of businesses are; Facebook and Instagram. Both of these social media tools are used in my current business as well and it is very successful. I work for an athletic clothing company called; lululemon and social media is used frequently.

We don’t do ordinary advertising or marketing, therefore we depend a lot on our social media tools. As I stated earlier, Facebook and Instagram are two social media tools that we rely on. Facebook allows our stores to communicate with our guests, and our guests are very accustomed to this. Our overall company has a Facebook page and each individual retail store has a Facebook page. Guests are waiting each week to see what the company is going to put out, mostly waiting for the new product and new patterns that will be coming out. Guests are also looking at the store’s Facebook pages to see if there are events happening or to see if they have specific product in store that they may feature on the page.

A lot of articles are posted on the company’s Facebook page, that is about fitness and health in some fashion. They also provide healthy recipes for the Facebook viewers, which is another aspect that lululemon’s guests really enjoy. The store’s Facebook pages have the ability to post events that they may be hosting, new clothing that has come in, info about stores’ employees, info about where the stores’ employees are working out in the local gyms, and other events going on in the community.

Instagram is also another social media tool that lululemon uses very frequently. The company has an Instagram page, the retail stores do not have their own Instagram page. Their Instagram page is a lot of their ambassador athletes out in the community working out in the product. There are less words and it is more about about the visuals that are provided. Their photographs are very elegant and professional, and overall interesting to look at.

Their Instagram page is inspiring to their guests viewing the page. They are photographing  their ambassadors doing some cool ass stuff that not everyone would be able to do. Instagram is a page where guests can get an idea of what the people of lululemon are up to, Facebook is a page where guests can get an idea of what product will be coming out and new and cool events going on in their community.

Both of these pages are being an active way of advertising and marketing. As I stated earlier, you don’t see ads on television or on signs or anything, they don’t use any money for advertising. Therefore, it is important for them to use thyese social media platforms to not only connect with their guests, but also to be a form of advertising and marketing. Guests have responded really well to the social media pages that lululemon uses and they are accustomed to this as well.

There is also something else that lululemon uses for both communication and a form of advertisement; their Product Notifications that they send to their guests through e-mail. These e-mails are sent out weekly and again provides their new and great product that is being used by amazing people that are inspiring, fit and healthy.

Now you know a little about lululemon and how they use their social media tools. It is a company that depends on social media a little more than other companies due to their advertising and marketing beliefs. It’s really cool to see a company striving off of social media, because this is ultimately what their consumers are used to using and they are already using these social media tools, therefore getting them accustomed wasn’t that challenging.


4 thoughts on “Key Benefits of Social Media For Your Business

  1. I love following fitness related companies on Instagram. It is inspiring to see all of the different pictures that are posted of people from all over the world. Of course, I also enjoying looking at the clothing that they are wearing. The fashion industry has really start to take off on Instagram it is a perfect medium for consumers to see what the newest trends are and what products are going to be released. Similar to what you said in your blog post, I think that when consumers look at Instagram they want to see pictures not words. I spend no more than three seconds looking at each Instagram post as I am scrolling through. If something interest me then I might spend more time looking at it and then check out the caption under the photo and many times follow a link to where I can purchase the product in the picture. I think overdoing words is counterproductive on an Instagram account. Both Facebook and Instagram give business a great chance to connect and build relationships with their consumers.


    1. I too love following fitness pages. I am able to get tips on workouts, routines and even diet tips. I especially love seeing the outfits that people wear because I am a firm believer that you need to look good while working out.



  2. Great blog! I truly believe lululemon has a great understanding for the proper ways to utilize social media for the businesses advantage. A great point made was that the advertisement is free, you are not paying for billboards or television ads. The flip side of this is that you have to try harder to grab the consumers attention than having a huge colorful ad on the side of the road. Drivers have a hard time missing a huge billboard, but social media users have a choice to visit your page and like your page. Once a company has mastered the art of keeping the followers interested and coming back to visit the page often.


  3. I have a friend who just opened his fitness business. Although he has a website, he does not have Facebook, Instagram or a Twitter account. His business has not grown as he is attempting to use the traditional advertising route. However, as I have pointed out to him….Who is your target audience? Older individuals in small towns are usually not the type to go to a fitness center. The target audience here would be the youth. With that being said, social media for advertising is important to the growth of that business. I’ll send this link to him! Thank you!


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