Two companies that are in the same industry; Nike and lululemon athletica. These two companies are competitors and are both in the athletic apparel industry; they also both utilize social media.

Nike utilizes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. Nike’s strategy is as such; the company sees sports and athletics as a social activity and therefore it makes sense to be part of the social media for marketing, advertising and customer service purposes. Do you have a Facebook page? Twitter page? Do you see posts from Nike? I know for myself, I see quite a bit of posts from Nike on my Facebook page. Nike has decided to have a Facebook page for each separate product categories; golf, snowboarding, basketball, and etc. This allows for the consumers to be able to go to the page they are interested in and not be bombarded by things they aren’t interested in.

Nike uses high quality photos and videos for their social media platforms. Any of their posts receive 300k-400k likes/views. On Instagram they have created hashtags that have become very popular; #justdoit and #nikewomen. They also use these social media platforms for a source of customer service, responding to comments by their consumers.

Nike utilizes their assets for advertising and marketing. So, on top of their paid advertising and marketing, they also use social media to connect with their consumers. They sponsor a lot of sport teams and athletes; Nike publishes posts on their social media pictures of popular athletes in the product. They post videos of athletes, similar ones you see on tv commercials.

lululemon athletica also uses multiple social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and a blog. lululemon athletica is a company that does not spend any of their money on advertisement or marketing. They have capitalized on social media, being able to reach their consumers as well as use the social media platforms for advertising and marketing reasons. lululemon does not have multiple Facebook pages for the different product categories; but they do have an overall company Facebook page as well as their different retail store locations having their own. This allows for their consumers to focus on a Facebook page according to their location.

lululemon athletica also uses their social media platforms to create relationships with their consumers. In trying to create relationships, they also respond to any comments or questions that are on their social media platforms. They have a best practice of responding within 24 hours, which allows their consumers to trust and respect.

lululemon provides all types of posts, new product that will be coming out soon, different ways and places to workout, information on their ambassadors and etc. lululemon athletica likes to be transparent and provide their consumers insider information.



How Nike Uses Social Media [CASE STUDY]

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