Future Implications

Social media is constantly changing and evolving. This is a challenge in of itself; brands are having to constantly “keep up with the times” in order to being successful and competitive. There are either updates being made, new sites all together or the way of doing things have shifted. There are some implications that brands are faced with regarding social media and these are going to continue.

Some of the implications for brands that I see going forward are; social media is no longer “a should have” it is “a must have” for businesses. If a business is not on social media, it is very unlikely that they are going to have a successful marketing and advertising strategy. Another implication that I see is the company’s rating, this is becoming very popular and consumers are looking toward this for advice, to give feedback and to give their opinion, so that the rest of the consumers know. An implication that is always going to be challenging is the time efficiency of responses. Consumers are expecting a response back to their comment and/or feedback almost instantly. This is challenging for most businesses because they don’t have a social media person that is on 24/7.

With these implications that I have quickly listed can truly impact a company’s existing social media strategy. A company now has to be very agile and be able to shift with the changes that are constantly happening, but it is also important to shift with the implications. If these implications are not handled correctly, it can unfortunately impact the business tremendously because consumers are taking these things seriously and are expecting certain things.

A company’s existing social media strategy is usually something that has been planned and a lot of time and effort have gone into it. It is important for companies to strategize for change, plan for things to shift, or if things aren’t working. It is important to try and stay ahead of the constant change and begin to predict a little.

These implications are happening for more than one reason, and sometimes it is unknown why. Of course people are evolving each day, and with that their expectations are evolving, and inevitably social media is going to be changing because humans are so gravitated towards social media. Of course technology is always looking to upgrade and get better and be the next best thing, and in doing so, behaviors have to shift to adapt to the new technology. Think just ten years back; we weren’t so drawn to social media, we may have used it, but we weren’t gravitating towards it to give a company feedback, we were most likely calling the customer service line. This is how things are changing; behaviors are changing because technology has changed and the expectations have changed.

Yes, this can seem daunting and scary for businesses, but lets be realistic, without this constant change and development, things would get stagnant. Businesses would have no push for innovation, no push for recreating or developing itself. The fact that social media is constantly changing and transforming has forced our businesses to become innovative and create new things and get risky, this is the part that is challenging and this is the part that will set a business apart from another.






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